Feature Tour    Tenant Portal

Self-serve options for your tenants allow them to log in and manage their own bank account and submit payments to you.

Tenant invitations

Invite tenants to use the portal with one click - tenants are emailed an invitation link that they confirm and enter their own secure portal login password - nothing for you to set up or administer.

Self-serve bank details

Tenants control their own profile/contact information & bank account details - more secure for tenants, less headache and responsibility for you.

Payment authorizations

Every payment submitted by the tenant is authorized with an on-screen signature - each payment can be traced back to point of origin and we can provide proof of signature and payment submission if required.

You control portal access

Access to the tenant portal can be revoked/disabled at any time by you with just a flip of a switch.

You control destination bank accounts

Where a tenant's payment lands is up to you - you can add multiple bank accounts for different owners or property groups and route each property to a different bank account, or everything into one bank account - it's up to you.