Sending Personalized & Customized Emails to Your Tenants with SimpleRent Email Templates

Email Templates

Email templates are useful to create prebuilt templates that you can reuse to minimize the repetitiveness of manually creating the same email text and/or subject over and over.  Typically you would create email templates for use in scenarios when you have to send a lot of messages (invoices, receipts, etc) to tenants and the text is (for the most part) the same, but you still to personalize the message text to be specific to each tenant or lease.  Email Templates allow you to do that and can be used in a number of places in the SimpleRent system.

All Email Template functionality is located from the Messaging à Email Templates menu item at the top of any page or screen:

Prebuilt Templates

Your SimpleRent account comes with two prebuilt email templates – these are very basic and are just to get you started and indicate how templates can be used. There is a prebuilt template included for Invoices, and one for Receipts:

You can edit these templates to suit your specific needs, or create your own for any purpose.

Creating Your Own Templates

To create an Email Template, click the “Add New Email Template” button:

The “Add New Email Template” page appears:

Enter a Description for the template, and specify what its purpose is (custom, invoice, or receipt). Enter a Subject for all emails sent using this template, as well as the Email Body.  The email body can be populated with database field tags, which allow you to personalize the email message with lease/tenant/property information.

Using Database Field Tags (Personalization)

Within the email message body, you can insert tags which act as placeholders for dynamically populated, personalized data which will be added at the time the email is sent, based on the personalized information belonging to the recipient.  This is similar to ‘mail merge’ features in Word or other text processors which can customize letters, envelopers, and mailing labels.

Click to set the cursor at the point in your message text where you want the field tag to be inserted, and click to select from the list of fields on the right of the screen.

An example of a basic email template message body with multiple database field tags inserted is shown:

Don’t forget to click the “Save Email Template” button when you are finished
editing the template to save it.

Using Email Templates When Sending Email

With a number of email templates created and saved, you are ready to actually use them in when sending email in SimpleRent.  Email templates can be used in a number of different areas in the system, including:

- Emailing Invoices
- Emailing Receipts
- Emailing Rent Roll reports
- Emailing Payment History reports
- Emailing other Reports
- Sending Messages (to tenants, owners, users, or any email address)

Each of these scenarios, and how to send each of these documents, is described in other sections and chapters.  When you are sending these emails, simply look for the Email Template field to select the template that should be used for this type of email:

When you select a template, the subject and the message body will be populated with that of the predefined email template.  You can still adjust and customize this specific email as necessary, but note that none of these message-specific changes will be saved at the email template level.

Sending Messages (Emails) to Your Tenants With SimpleRent Software


The SimpleRent system provides simplified messaging capabilities with which you can send email messages to tenants, vendors, users, owners, or anyone else in the system.  All Messaging functionality is accessed by clicking the Messaging icon at the top of any SimpleRent page:

Select “Mailbox” to access the messaging features.  You can also access email templates from here (see the Email Templates chapter for more information about email templates).

The Mailbox page is shown:

Sending Messages

To send an email message through SimpleRent, click the “New Message” button.  The “New Message” tab appears:

In the To: field, you can select from current and former Tenants, Owners, and Users. You can also type email addresses in manually.  You can specify more than one recipient for the message.  Note that each recipient will receive their own, separate copy of the email – no messages will be sent via CC or Bcc.

You can select an Email Template to pre-populate the subject and/or message body if applicable; you can of course edit the subject and message body text manually as you like.

The message body will be sent in rich-text (HTML) format; you can style the text of the message using a basic set of controls including font style and size, weight (bold), underline, italics, font color, font highlight color, etc.

Click the “Send Message” button at the bottom of the message to send it:

Messages sent via SimpleRent will appear in the Messages tab; you can click the item to show details for it:

Clicking the message row will display the details panel; here you can reply or forward the email, download any attachments the message includes, etc.

Archiving & Deleting Messages

You can select any number of messages using the checkboxes on the left side of the Messages tab, and choose to either Archive or Delete them.  Archived messages will appear on the “Archived” tab – use this tab as a handy way to remove clutter from the standard Messages tab and yet still keep those messages around for safekeeping and reference.  Use the delete button to permanently remove old or unwanted messages from your account.