Managing Users with SimpleRent

Users                                                              (Admin Users)

When you initially create a SimpleRent account and sign up for a plan, your first user is automatically created (and is an Admin user by default).  You can add more users if you have employees, business partners, or other people that you want to have access to your SimpleRent account data.

Every admin user can access the Admin screen, where you can select the Users menu item:

The Users screen is shown:

Click the “Add New User” button to add a new user. Enter the full name (required), email address (required), and a contact phone number for the new user.  Also select whether this user should have Admin access or not.  Keep in mind that having admin access means this new user will also have the ability to add/edit other users, as well as view and modify other admin screens and data, including Owners, account & billing info, and the Online Payments (ACH credentials) configurations.

Once you click the “Save & Invite User” button, the new user is emailed an invitation which contains a link for them to confirm the account and enter their own password.  The user will not be able to log into SimpleRent until they confirm their account in this way, so ensure the email address you enter for them is correct.

Resetting a User’s Password

You can change a user’s existing password if you’d like. Click the “Edit” button for an existing user record:

In addition to editing existing user data, here you can also reset/change their password:

Type the new password and click the “Reset Password” button.  The password change takes place immediately; the user may have to login again if they are currently logged in (the next time a screen or page they are on refreshes); they will need to use the new password on their next login attempt.