Adding Properties in SimpleRent

Adding a New Property

To add a new property record, hover over the Properties toolbar item

and choose the  “Add New Property” menu item.

The “Add New Property” screen appears:

Alternatively, you can also click (rather than hover over) the Properties toolbar and this takes you to the Properties screen, where you can click the “Add New Property” on that screen:

In the “Add New Property” screen, enter a nickname/unit number and/or an address for the property.  Property records can represent single family homes, individual units of a duplex/triplex, an apartment/condo/suite, etc.

Tip: if you own or manage individual units/apartments that belong to a common building, you can add Property Groups to group these into building names and keep them organized.  For example, you’d add three properties called 102 Maple, 204 Maple, and 309 Maple, and a property group called Maple Building, and each property would be linked to that building via the property group.  If this doesn’t represent your situation (i.e. you mostly deal with single family homes or detached dwellings), you don’t need ‘buildings’ and don’t need to worry about property groups.

For a new Property record, a nickname or an address is required to save the record.

You can of course add as much information as you’d like – you can choose to Quick Save (save right away with the information you have added initially) or Save & Enter More Details, which saves the property record and takes you to the “Edit Property” page for it, where you can add even more details about the property, including leases, property files/uploads, notes/comments, and photos.

See the “Edit Property” section for more information about this page.

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