Automatically Schedule Tenant Invoices with SimpleRent

Recently we added a great new feature to simplify and reduce administrative effort & time when it comes to generating invoices, and emailing them to tenants.

In addition to generating and emailing invoices manually with just a few clicks each month, SimpleRent now also enables you to further reduce administration time and effort by automating this task for you.

By using the invoice auto-scheduling features, you can have SimpleRent automatically generate all your tenant invoices, and email them separately (and with a customized email subject and message body) to each tenant monthly or weekly on the day you specify.  This "set it and forget" operation will really put your invoice operations on auto-pilot.  Here's how to enable this feature:

On the Rent Roll page, click the "Schedule automated invoices" button.

The "Schedule Automated Invoices" screen appears:

Toggle "Automatic Invoice Generation" to On to enable this feature.  You can choose between a Monthly or Weekly invoice schedule, and specify the day of the month or day of the week, accordingly.

Email Options

"Email each tenant his/her own invoice" - each tenant will receive a customized email (subject/email body) based on the pre-defined Email Template you choose for the message.

"Email me a PDF of all invoices sent" - sends a confirmation email of the invoice batch run with an attached PDF containing a copy of each invoice that was generated.

Click "Save" to finalize your changes.

Note: emails are sent at approximately 1AM Pacific on the day you have configured.  Invoices will have an "as-of" date based on the day they are generated.

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