Closing Leases in SimpleRent

Close a Lease

If a lease has expired (and they are not renewing) and you want to move the existing tenants out, you should close the lease and free up the property to lease to another tenant.  While you can certainly have multiple active leases on the same property at the time in SimpleRent; this scenario should be the exception rather than the rule, otherwise you’re likely adding an unneeded level of complexity.

Most of the time, you should either renew a lease, or close it.  To close it, click the “Close Lease” button on the Lease Settings screen:

You’ll be prompted to confirm the close operation:

As this message states, all closed leases are archived, not deleted, and all associated lease data (files, receivables, payment history, etc) are retained in the software and you can always pull up old, closed leases to view.

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