Editing Properties in SimpleRent

Edit Property

To modify or view more information about a Property, click the button

The Edit Property page appears.

The Edit Property page allows you to see all of the information pertinent to a particular property, as well make changes to this information.  The information pertaining to a property is organized across a number of tabs:

General tab

The General tab contains basic fields about the property’s name, address, location, type, group, owner, etc. as well as some rudimentary data about its number of bedrooms & bathrooms and size. Other fields include typical market rent, deposit, availability notes, and application fee – these are descriptive/information in nature and are not used as lease defaults or in any rent roll calculations.

Leases tab

There are a number of different ways to add a lease to property in SimpleRent, but no matter what method you choose, Lease records will always show for any given property on this tab.  The leases tab shows current (open, expired or not expired) leases on top, and closed/former leases on the bottom:

On this tab you can add a New Lease or open Lease Settings for a particular lease (see the Lease Settings section for more information about editing leases).

Property Files tab

Here you can upload files specific to this property.  Typical files might include property floor plan PDFs, promotional brochures about this unit, mortgage information, invoices for repairs & maintenance, and the like.  Click the Upload File button to show the Select File panel:

Click the Browse… button and choose a file on your computer or device.  Give the file a description (required) and then click the Upload button to start the upload process.  Large files may take some time to upload to SimpleRent.

Files are displayed here and can be downloaded, edited or deleted:

Notes & Comments tab

On this tab you can add just about any free text comment or note that you’d like.  This is a handy area to add reminders, commentary, or messags to other users on your account about the property.

Click the Add Comment button and enter your message/note into the Comment text box.  Click Save when you are finished.  Your entry appears in the list where it can be subsequently edited or deleted.

Photos tab

You can upload property photos on this tab – each will be shown in the list in thumbnail form:

Clicking the thumbnail will show the image in a larger format.

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