Managing Maintenance, Work Orders, & Work Items with SimpleRent

Work Orders

The Work Orders module is available to certain SimpleRent plans, and will allow you to keep track of work items and tasks related to repair, maintenance and general upkeep of your properties, as well as the invoice numbers, PO numbers, important dates, and costs related to those activities.

To view the Work Orders screen, click the Work Orders menu item under the Add Ons main toolbar item:

The Work Orders screen is shown:

To add a new Work Order, click the “Add New Work Order” button, and the “Add New Work Order” popup screen appears:

Enter the particulars of the work required for this item, including the current status (To Do, In Progress, etc) and the due date.  Click the “Quick Save” button to save the Work Order immediately, or click “Save & Add Work Items” to save the record and navigate to the Work Order detail screen, where you can enter more information including individual work items.

If you chose “Quick Save” your work order is shown in the list:

Note that every work order is given a unique work order #.  You can use this number internally to refer to work orders; you can also communicate this work order with external contractors and vendors.  You can search for this work order number (and most other fields) in the search bar at the top of the Work Orders screen, to quickly find the work order record you need.

Click an individual work order item (row) to show the details panel for it:

This panel will quickly show you the details of the work order, including all work items linked to it, plus any files, notes, or photos that have been uploaded and attached to it.

Clicking the “Edit Work Order” button (or selecting the “Save & Add Work Items” button when you first created the new work order) will take you to the Edit Work Order page – shown below:

Here you can modify the general information for the work order, as well as upload files & photos, and add notes & comments.  It is also on this screen that you can individual work items, which are more fine-grained task items that you can track separately, assign to vendors, and manage costs for.

Click the “Add Work Item” button to add a new work item – the screen appears:

Select the ‘type’ of work (Repair, replace, maintain, etc) and enter a summary of the work involved. Select the vendor that will do the estimate and/or perform the work.  If you need to add a new Vendor, do so beforehand from the Vendors menu, shown on the right.

If you have a PO number for the vendor, enter it here. If you have already received an estimate for the work, you can enter the cost estimate.

If the work has been performed, you can come back later and enter cost actuals, as well as an invoice number from the vendor.

Click Save to save the work item.

Once all work items have been performed you can come back to the Work Order record in general and change its status (eg., from To Do à In Progress à Completed) and enter the Completed Date.


Printing Work Order Detail Sheets

Use the button to print detail reports for the selected work orders (either all, or by selecting individual work order check boxes on the left side of the list).

The “Generate & Print Work Orders” popup screen appears:

Click “Print Work Orders” and the work order detail reports appear:

Just like any other report in SimpleRent, these reports can be printed, exported to PDF, or emailed to an email address of your choice.

Printing Work Order Lists

You can also generate work order list reports, showing a summary of all work orders for the selected properties, date range, or other filters.  Filter the work order list screen to show the work orders you want on the report, and click the “Print List” button:

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