Managing Multiple Owners with SimpleRent

Owners                                                          (Admin Users)

If you manage property portfolios for multiple third party owners (i.e. you operate as a property management firm), you will probably need to organize the properties, people, and leases in your account into different ownership groups.

As an admin user, you can add Owner records under the Admin --> Owners menu item:

The Owners page is shown:

When you first create a SimpleRent account, a default “catch-all” Owner record is created for you, based on the name of your company and company contact info when you sign up.

If you manage properties that are primarily all your own, it is likely that you don’t need to add any other owners, and the default owner is all you’ll need.

If you do manage a large number of properties and they span many different owners, it is probably preferable to separate them by owner.  If so, add all of the owner records you’ll need here, and when you create property/lease/person records, you can assign them to the proper owner at that time (for example, the owner drop-down on the Property details screen is shown):

You can also change the owner for an existing person/property/lease on their respective Edit/Details screens.  NOTE: in order to unlock the owner drop-down lists on these screens, ensure your “Current Owner” setting is set to “All Owners”.  See the “Changing the Current Owner” section that follows.

Changing the Current Owner

At any given time, your SimpleRent account is filtered to show properties/tenants/leases and all associated data for a specific owner, or ‘all owners’ and the only way to change this global filter is to change it at the top of any screen or page. (The exception to this is the Dashboard tabs, which allow owner filtering at the page or panel level).

To see what the current owner that all data is filtered to, view the top header bar on any page in the system:

In this example, all data for this account is filtered to only show data for “Maple City Properties LLC” – that is, only those properties, tenants/people, leases, payments, etc that have linked to that particular owner record.

To change this owner, click the current owner text – the “Change Owners” panel drops down and is shown:

Click the blue “Change Owners” link text and the “Change Owner” popup screen is displayed:

It is here that you can change owners.  If you haven’t added any, first add them (admin users only) on the Admin --> Owners screens as described in the previous section.

Select the owner portfolio you want to switch to, and click Change.  The current page/screen you are on will refresh to show (depending on the context) properties, leases, tenants, receivables, payments, etc for that particular owner.

To show data for all owners, select All Owners.  In this case, data will be shown across all owners.  On certain pages in the “All Owners” case, an additional owner column will help clarify which records belong where (for example on the Properties page):

In other cases, the owner details will be shown as a description– for example, when viewing “all owner” data, the Rent Roll page will show the owner in the property header:

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