Overriding Receivables On Your Rent Roll with SimpleRent

Overriding Receivables

The amount due shown for each receivable is based on the amount predefined in the charge/fee settings for the lease setup. It is calculated by considering how much, if any, has been already received for that item. Late fee receivables are calculated based on the late fee settings for the corresponding charge/fee, and by how many days the charge is considered to be late.

There are scenarios where you want to override or modify the amount due for a specific charge item – perhaps you have an agreement with the tenant to accept a modified, or discounted amount for the month, or you want to receive less for this month, and more for the next month, etc.  On the Rent Roll screen you can easily changes to the amount due by clicking the override button:

The “Override Amount Due” popup appears:

Enter the new account for the charge, and click the “Save Changes” button.  If you want to remove this receivable and have this payment no longer due, click the “Delete” button.

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