Running Reports and Printing to PDF

SimpleRent comes complete with a number of prebuilt reports, and new reports get added in each release to the software, in response to customer feedback.

To view a report, click it by hovering over the Reports button on the main toolbar, and select the report you want to run:

The report appears:

Each report contains controls to view the First/Last and Next/Previous page, as well as button to export the report to PDF format and download it, where it can printed or emailed.

You can also email the report directly from SimpleRent by clicking the “Email Report” button on this screen.

You can make changes to the filters for the report – each report is slightly different and may offer different filtering options, but in general you can change the owner, property/tenant/lease from “all” to a specific selection, and click the “Refresh Report” button to re-run the report for those filters.

Other reports might offer specialized filtering; for example, the Property List report allows you to filter and just show “Vacant” properties, or “Leased” properties:

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