Running Your Rent Roll With SimpleRent

Once you have properties, people (tenants), and leases added to your account, SimpleRent will now start to automatically generate payments due (receivables) for all of the active leases and charges & fees you have defined.  These receivables appear as line items on the Rent Roll and Collect Payments screens, and are covered in the following sections.

Rent Roll

The Rent Roll screen is a real-time depiction of every lease in your portfolio (and the associated properties and tenants that are linked), showing a summary of what’s outstanding, how late it is, and what’s owed.  Each line item (receivable) is calculated based on your leases’ settings, and the settings of the charges & fees that comprise them.

Rent roll can be generated based on what’s due today (now), or what will be due at any point in the future.  Late fees are automatically calculated and totaled.

View Rent Roll

To view your rent roll, click the Rent Roll button on the main toolbar:

The Rent Roll screen is shown:

Each line item is an amount due that can be collected separately, or combined and collected together in one payment (or split payments).


You can filter the rent roll list to a particular property by selecting it from the “All Properties/Leases” dropdown list.  You can also show only those items that are “Due or Late” now, due this month, due next month, due last month, past 60 days, etc by selecting a date range filter.  The As Of date textbox lets choose the date that the rent roll is calculated from – you can use this to view rent roll due in the future, for example.  Finally, you can choose to hide or show fully paid items, and/or hide or show closed leases.

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