Viewing, Printing, and Emailing Payment History in SimpleRent

The Payment History screen is a complete history of every payment you have collected in the system.

Payment history can be generated for each property/lease, or a single property/lease, and for all payments or a select date range (this month, last month, next month, etc).

View Payment History

To view your rent roll, click the Payment History button on the main toolbar:

The Payment History screen is shown:

Each line item represents a payment you have collected in the system.


You can filter the payment history list to a particular property by selecting it from the “All Properties/Leases” dropdown list.  You can also show “All Payments”, paid this month, paid next month, paid last month, past 60 days, etc by selecting a date range filter.

You can also choose to show or hide closed leases in the payment history.

Viewing/Editing Payment Details

Click a single row for the payment you want to view or make changes to – the Payment Details panel is shown on the right side of the screen:

You can make changes to the payment details here and click “Resave Payment” to save them.

Printing the Payment History

You can generate and print (or export and email, etc) your complete Payment History report, or a subset of payments.  Filter the payment history on the screen first using the dropdown lists

You can adjust and select:

- All properties/leases or payments for a specific property/lease
- All posted payments, or only those for a specific date range
- Show or hide closed leases

Once you are satisfied with the payments to include, click the “Print Payment History” button:

The “Generate & Print Payment History” popup screen appears:

Controlling Which Payments Appear on the Payment History report:

Your payment history generation & print options will reflect the current filters on the Payment History screen – if you have checked a select number of payments, the “Filters” options on this popup will show “Selected Payments Only” – if you have selected all, it will specify “All Payments”.  It will also reflect any date filters, and whether you have chosen to show or hide closed leases.  See the “Filters” paragraph of the “View Payment History” section above for more information about these filters.

Controlling How Receivables Are Displayed:

This popup screen also allows you to configure whether to group payments by Property (all payments for a property will roll up together), and/or whether to group payments by Owner (if applicable, all payments will roll up by the property owner).

Once you have configured your payment history to display the way you want, click the “Print Payment History” button to generate it – the report is generated and show in the Print View tab:

Emailing the Payment History

To email the payment history, click the “Email Report” button on the Print View tab and the “Email Report” popup screen appears. Enter an email address, select a template (if applicable) and/or enter a subject and body for the message, and click “Send Mail” – the rent roll is sent as a PDF attachment.  See the “Emailing Invoices” or “Emailing Rent Roll” sections in other help topic articles for more information about emailing these reports, as the procedures are similar for rent roll, payments, invoices and receipts.

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