Combined General Ledger View of Income and Expenses Together, plus Bank Account Support (Reconciliation)

We just added some new features to SimpleRent to enable you to more easily reconcile your accounting entries and payment history with your bank records.

Most recently, we've added a new General Ledger / Income & Expenses combined view, which combines the existing expenses and income ledgers (don't worry, separate ledgers are still available!):

The "Income & Expenses" menu option will take you to the new screen:

Here you can view income/credits/deposits together with expenses/debits/checks, all on one ledger.  The running balance is also included, to help you make sure your entries match your bank statement.

You can toggle/switch between Bank Accounts using the "all bank accounts" drop-down.

Bank accounts can be added and managed from the Accounting --> Bank Accounts menu.  You can add accounts to represent your operating accounts, escrow accounts, owner accounts, etc.

Every payment, income entry, expense, etc can now be tagged with the bank account it ultimately resides in or was received into:

Hopefully these new features will make your bank reconciliation efforts simpler!

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